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No Green Thumb Required With Artificial Plants

To add some tranquility to any room, add some nice, healthy greenery. If caring for live plants is not a talent, consider purchasing those that require no care at all. Artificial plants are pretty additions to any room and need no water or pruning. They never shed leaves or petals onto the floor requiring cleanup either. They are disease-free and always look perfect.

The quality of today's artificial flowers and plants is better than ever before. The coloration appearing on the leaves will be perfect and each bloom shows the subtle color difference of a live example. The quality portrayed inspires people to feel them and many are surprised when they learn that they are not real live examples.

Found often already in a decorative pot, artificial soil or moss covers the bottom of the imitation. This lends another realistic touch. The flowers of the plant will have an assortment of shades and sizes - full bloom, buds, and partially open flowers. The leaves will also exhibit variations in color and length depending on the rate of growth they are exhibiting.

Requiring no care except the intermittent cleaning, they always look fresh. If a green thumb does not exist a wide variety of greenery can still be enjoyed without the need to learn how to care for a live version. There are also other reasons to purchase the imitation version of a flower as well.

If work requires that a person travels often, there will be no need to secure someone to care for the houseplants while they are away. Annuals will not need to be replaced as the imitations are eternally in bloom and healthy. Even a person who enjoys live plants will find many uses for artificial ones. Placing vibrant blooms in a hard to reach spot is one example.

In the past plastic flowers that faded were the norms. Today's realistic fake plants are beautiful used in many places throughout the home and in the yard as well. Gorgeous hanging baskets never need watering and can be lit with small battery powered lights at night. Entry doors look great when framed by matching topiaries. These can have decorative touches added as well and never need pruning or reshaping.

Window boxes and spots in the garden also benefit from their beauty and ease of care. The selection available is widely varied. They can be purchased in just the right dimensions and color, and even as an assortment of different types. Climate zone is not an issue which adds to the fun when choosing selections that would not normally grow well in a specific location.

Great mementos are also made when these realistic imitations are used. They create stunning arrangements for weddings and parties. Guests can take a centerpiece home as a keepsake that will look great forever. Boutonnieres and bouquets can be tucked away for years and be just as pretty when they are retrieved. Arrangements can also be separated to create a larger arrangement to remember the occasion.





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