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Plants don’t just look nice, they also improve the appearance and feel of an office environment.

Not only that, research at NASA has discovered that plants also filter the air, and can fight against the common high-tech ill, sick building disease (or sick building syndrome).

In almost every office we are constantly bombarded with toxic fumes from carpets, furniture, office cleaning products, printers and photocopiers. Research has found that exposure to these chemicals results in a general feeling of being under the weather, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision and respiratory complaints and in some cases severe allergic reactions.

Unless overcome, this often leads to poor concentration and even increases in sick leave.



The Solution

Indoor Pants Will Clean the Air in Your Office!


Research undertaken by the NASA Space Administration in America has yielded some very interesting results.

In a two year experiment conducted by Dr B.C. Wolverton at the Stennis Space Centre in Mississippi it was discovered that common house plants are capable of converting chemical air pollutants into harmless substances.

NASA was trying to find a safe, natural filtering process for space laboratories. They discovered that about a dozen of the commonest indoor plants and a few exotic tropical plant varieties, can remove noxious gases effectively. And many of these gases are to be found in modern offices- by-products of our technically advanced age.


How Many Plants are Needed?

If trailing ivies and peace lilies help to clean up space shuttles, what could they do for your office ?shuttle


NASA recommends eight indoor plants in the average sized home and considerably more in the office environment where air borne chemicals from photocopiers and furnishings are an even greater threat. America's Foliage for Clean Air Council suggests that one plant can help to clean up every 100 square feet of space.




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